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Stocking Programs

Stocking Programs PhotoCellotape implements a range of stocking programs tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Depending on your requirements, a Cellotape stocking program can potentially yield significant benefits:

Types of vendor managed inventory programs available with Cellotape:

Ready-Ship™ Stocking Program – We inventory your labels and overlays at our location for shipment to your (or your contract manufacturer) manufacturing facilities on predetermined dates.

Bin Stocking Program – Cellotape can manufacture, deliver, and restock inventory bins at your local facility. Display and re-order points can be maintained by Cellotape.

Floor Stocking Program – Through our partnerships in various locations, Cellotape can manage label inventories for customers. We can implement a custom Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program for your company suited to your needs. The program can include checking inventory and restocking at regular intervals, preparing label inventory reports, and providing audit assistance.

Kanban Programs – At our facility, Cellotape can manufacture and store inventories that can be available on a Just In Time (JIT) basis. We can accept releases via phone orders or EDI Online orders.

Consignment Stock – Cellotape can manufacture labels or overlays on a consignment basis. Inventory may be stocked at either your facility or at our plant.

To obtain more information or to set up an inventory program, click or contact: Tom Norman Customer Service Manager at (510) 651-5551.