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RFID Smart Labels

RFID Products PhotoRadio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology permits wireless, two-way communication between a smart label or tag and a reader. The core of the technology is the "transponder", usually made of polyester film with a printed or etched antenna embedded with a silicon chip. Apply a printed or printable face-stock to the top and you have an RFID tag. Add an adhesive to the bottom and you have an RFID label. These "smart" tags and labels can then addressed by an RFID reader, also called an "interrogator".

RFID Samples
RFID labels and tags may be used for:

Security and Safety
ID Solutions/Branding
Asset Tracking/Supply Chain Management
Access Control/Pass Cards

Many factors can influence the selection of the face-stock, transponder, adhesive, and additional features used in the construction of an label or tag. Cellotape specializes in custom RFID constructions to suit your special needs.


  • Paper or film
  • Preprinted with graphics or variable data
  • Customer imagable


What surface will the RFID label be applied to?

  • Flat or curved
  • Smooth or textured
  • Surface energy


  • Read only, WORM, or read/write
  • Read rate
  • Frequencies
  • Size of memory
  • Encryption
  • Environment / exposure


Additional features:

  • A polyurethane dome may be applied to the top surface for aesthetics or enhanced resistance to shock.
  • A radio frequency absorbing elastomer may be applied to the back to defeat interference when applied to a metal surface.