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Custom Printed Labels
Graphic Overlays
RFID Smart Labels
Barcode & Numbering
Retail POP
Die Cut Components
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Banners with Stands

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Products Overview

We’re your one-stop-shop for all your products’ label, overlay, nameplate, and component needs, and we’re ready to move mountains for you. By streamlining your supply chain, we give you better value and time to market. With hundreds of materials, formats, and properties to choose from, we can fulfill everything from your product ID, display window, and overlay needs to internal/external labels, shielding and adhesive components, packaging and more. Our 3M Preferred Converter relationship lets us provide you with the latest materials and technologies before they become widely available; our close work with agencies allows us to prepare your designs to exceed UL, CSA, TUV, and other requirements. For in-depth information about our products, click on the links below.

Custom Printed
Label Photo

Using Cellotape as a one-stop-shop for all your label needs can help you maximize your product’s appeal, cost, and time to market.
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Graphic Overlay Photo

We help you create the right overlay for your product, one that will impress your customers and maximize function.
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Namplates Photo

Communicate your identity to your customers, by ensuring the highest levels of fit, finish, color accuracy, and appearance.
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Smart Labels
RFID Product Photo

Many factors can influence the selection of the face-stock, transponder, adhesive, and additional features used in the construction of an label or tag.

Barcodes &
Barcode Photo

We offer a very wide range of linear and 2D symbologies, materials, and finishes to ensure readability by your wand or laser scanner.
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UL-CSA Photo

Our broad range of experience and close work with agencies allow us to offer you the right solution for your compliance needs.

Retail and
Retail POP Photo

Eye-catching displays, packaging, and promotional pieces. We have the know-how to help you at every step to maximize your design’s potential.
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Die Cut
Die Cut Comomponent Photo

Cellotape goes beyond graphic applications to provide you with complete solutions. With over 25,000 tools (class A, steel rule, and rotary) and with our digital laser converting capabilities.

Trade Show &
Large Format Photo

We provide exhibit graphics, banners, trade show enhancements items, and special event products to some of the more high profile companies in the valley.
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Banners with
Banners with Stands

The Ultimate, low-cost
solution for "anywhere"
display graphics! Your custom printed banner, shipped complete with stand.