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Art Pre-flight - File Upload

File Upload SymbolTo help us process your files more quickly, please contact your Products Consultant or Customer Service Rep and provide them with a file name and type of file you are sending.

A printout of your file will aid us in determining that what we received is the same as what you see on your screen. All measurements for folds, perforations, die cuts, etc., should be indicated on this printout or on the technical drawing.

Pre-flight Navigation Pre-flight Checklist Suppoted File Types Understanding Proofs

You can email your files to your Customer Service Rep.
or directly to:

If your file(s) are larger than 5 MB's
in size, it is suggested that you send your files on acceptable media
or upload directly to our website.
To ensure complete file transfer, please compress all files.

Our web based solution is easy to use and allows you to
send files without the need for special FTP software.

Over the Web

1) Using your web browser, go to:

2) At the prompt, enter the login and password that you received from your representative.

3) Upload your file(s)

3.5" diskettes
Iomega ZIP disks (100 MB)


If you are having problems uploading files to Cellotape, call (510) 651-5551 and your Customer Service representative will be happy to assist you.