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Yosemite PhotoThere is worldwide concern about the impact of hazardous substances on the environment. These substances may be introduced into the environment when electrical and electronic components or other manufactured goods are disposed. A number of laws have been enacted requiring that manufacturers identify and limit their use of hazardous substances. These may also mandate recycling, reclamation or safe disposal of products containing identified substances at the end of their life cycle.

We at Cellotape fully support these efforts.

To assist you in complying with these various requirements, we have created a database of customer parts and specifications, materials and substances. Our Customer Service Representatives and Products Consultants use this database to determine whether a given part meets your requirements. Our database is updated on a continuous basis as new products are added.

The European Union has enacted two of the most significant pieces of environmental legislation affecting manufacturers of electrical and electronic and other types of equipment:

Other public and private initiatives, worldwide, have created a complex and diverse array of environmental requirements. They call for identifying dozens of substance families and set divergent threshold levels. One commonly cited standard is:

Certain marking symbols have come into wide use in meeting environmental compliance standards.